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Chepstow Bulwarks Hill Fort

Visited August 2018

Location Chepstow, Wales
Entrance Fee No
Railway Station Nearby Chepstow
Parking Yes 
Facilities None







This site is the remains of an Iron Age fort, managed by the Welsh heritage organisation CADW. The hill fort was built by the Silures tribe who were rather troublesome to the Romans during their occupation of the area. The tribe was eventually subdued by the Romans, and a legionary fort built at Caerleon, a location in the middle of Silures territory, to ensure that they were kept in line. The nearby town of Caerwent was also a Silures town which was romanised.


The hill fort at Chepstow was built with surrounding double ramparts and ditches on three sides and a sheer cliff to the River Severn on the fourth side. This was almost certainly defensive, the views on all sides meant that any invaders could be seen in plenty of time to prepare to fight.


Unfortunately the site today is very overgrown on the ramparts area, it is hard to make out where the ditches and earthworks are, although they are still in place today. As you can see from the pictures the site today is maintained as a flat area of grass which is used by local people for recreation. There is a notice board by the car park explaining a brief history of the site.


If you are in the Chepstow area, or crossing the Severn Bridge over to Chepstow and are looking for somewhere to stop and stretch your legs it is worth seeking out, if for nothing other than the fact that this place still exists and has not been built over, which  given how close it is to modern housing is a miracle.


A combined visit to nearby Chepstow Castle is very much recommended.



More info:  CADW Chepstow Bulwarks Camp

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